An update: Edition 1, an anthology, and more

It’s been a turbulent couple of months since launching Horror Story Magazine, but in a good way.

A bit of an update.

Edition 1

We’ve received over 600 submissions to fill about eight spots in the inaugural edition of Horror Story Magazine.  It is a bit overwhelming.

Reading in earnest (panic?) has begun and we’ll be sending out some notifications starting at the end of this week.

We’re also working on some cover art, templates are set up, and the printer is lined up. We still feel we’re on track for a June launch.

Going forward, due to the volume, we’ve determined we’re going to have to have a set window for submissions, just so we can have a more manageable batch.


We’ve settled on a couple of theme ideas for our first book anthology. We’re not quite ready to announce the specifics, and definitely not announcing a call for submissions yet, but check back for that, coming soon.

Shorts/Flash Fiction

We’re going to be issuing a call for submissions soon for flash fiction or very short horror stories. It’ll be a flat-rate payment and they’ll be published for free on our website and for our Patron users, who will have early access.

We’ll also be issuing that call soon.


Like a lot of publishers, we’ve been pondering what the death of Amazon’s subscriptions services (scheduled to end in September) means for us. We can certainly handle electronic delivery and even physical deliver in-house (at least for a while). However, the long-term ramifications as subscriptions (hopefully) grow, is yet to be determined.

Neil Clarke, the editor of the terrific science fiction magazine Clarkesworld, wrote about the impact in his column last month. It is definitely worrisome, but it is a challenge with an answer, which we’re working on.

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